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Innovative Compounding Technology

Global Silicones, Inc. offers a considerable range of silicone compounding services including R&D capability, Fluorosilicone specification (Mil-R-25988), and additive formulation. Our Buellton, California, team uses a variety of modern techniques and 'good old-fashioned' expertise to create every compounded material that we produce. We ensure that all of our products are properly tested and ready for delivery.

We Offer Services To:

• The Aerospace Industry
• The Rubber Industry
• The Plastic Industry
• Food Corporations
• Industrial Entities
• Engineers
• Businesses

Machine and Lab

Quality Control & Testing

Global Silicones, Inc. believes that merely producing a material for shipment is not enough. There must be quality inspection and testing performed. This is why our company has an ISO 9001-certified test laboratory examine our production materials, as well as our finished products. We believe that if we start with quality materials in the beginning, we minimize losses in the end. This in turn keeps costs down, allowing us to pass the savings to you.

Special Packaging

Proper packaging of silicone material is very important. We have the ability to correctly package material, whether it weighs 5, 10, 1000, or 10,000 pounds. We also deliver products fast, in one day in many cases. If your shipment requires special wrapping or volume separation, we can take care of this as well.

Quality Service

Global Silicones, Inc. promotes quality improvement throughout our business in a constant effort to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Let us know how we can better assist you.